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Wetpaint: Building Massive Loyal Audiences

  • Wetpaint’s patent-pending Social Publishing Platform systematically builds massive loyal audiences
  • Platform has driven unprecedented results across multiple content verticals and demographics
  • Scalable ad-driven business model with significant growth opportunities in launching new content verticals and products
  • Social is the most valuable source of audience for media, 3x more valuable than search 

Social Distribution SystemAbout the Wetpaint Social Publishing Platform

Over the last two years, Wetpaint has developed the world’s most advanced technology in deeply understanding and building loyal audiences from all key social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.). This patent-pending system, called the Wetpaint Social Publishing Platform, is based on a simple premise:  know and serve your audience well and good things will happen. 

Our test and measurement system delivers real-time audience insights on what they desire, coupled with targeted recommendations to program the right content, at the right time, for each target audience.  These insights and recommendations are all driven by cutting-edge analytical methods applied to massive amounts of data ingested into our platform. 

The Wetpaint Social Publishing Platform is made up of two primary products:  the Fan Converter and the Social Distribution System.

Wetpaint Social Publishing Platform – 3 Simple Steps


Driving Incredible Results

Groundbreaking Social Publishing Platform is “secret weapon” in driving value from social.

Wetpaint is the #1 social publisher on the web based on the % of traffic coming from Facebook and Twitter.  Below is a chart comparing Wetpaint to the top 50 web publishers according to comScore (total size) and Compete (% of total visits coming from Facebook and Twitter).