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Rosie Amodio Rosie Amodio, Editorial Director aka: TBD, really, she doesn’t have one. Location: New York, NY (with frequent trips to Seattle, WA)Bio: Rosie has been with Wetpaint since the summer of 2013. She has moved seamlessly between digital and print her entire career having held senior positions at brands such as InStyle, Marie Claire, Maxim, XO Group and Tommy Hilfiger. She is a native of Brooklyn, NY, and a graduate of NYU’s College of Arts and Science. At NYU, she was in the elite University Scholars Program and majored in Italian Literature and Journalism.
leo-blum Leo Gomez Blum, Design Director Location: New York, NY Bio: Leo (or Leonor for City Hall realness) has an interesting background that varies from advertising, start-ups, technology, and — most recently — design studios. She’s been lucky enough to have worked on projects like the mobile wallet and user-tested one of the best selling-games in the Apple store now, Monument Valley. Basically, when it comes to the user, she will put myself in their shoes as often as possible in order to understand their needs and gather learnings to improve her design. She lives in Brooklyn with her and their dog, and she enjoys cooking, trying new cuisines, and Smorgasburging in the weekends. She’s totally into Silicon Valley, House of Cards, and The Mindy Project.
lindsay_dreyer Lindsay Dreyer, Senior Editor aka: LiLo Location: New York, NY Bio: A “showbiz kid” through and through, Lindsay Dreyer moved to New York City with Broadway dreams, but fell in love with the written word. Prior to joining Wetpaint Entertainment as an Associate Editor in 2010, she worked for the nationally syndicated television newsmagazine Inside Edition and The Rachael Ray Show, and also served as editor for Dancer Magazine and Dance.com. Lindsay is a proud alumna of Barnard College, and her claim to fame is appearing in the Season 3 finale of Gossip Girl. XOXO!
Crystal Bell Crystal Bell, Editor aka: CB Location: New York, NY Bio: Before joining Wetpaint Entertainment as an Editor, Crystal was a contributing editor to Celebuzz, covering all things TV, movies and One Direction. She began her career at The Huffington Post, where she helped launch HuffPost TV before transitioning to the Huffington Post Entertainment team. With her enthusiasm for teen entertainment, Crystal regularly covered Glee, The Vampire Diaries, Awkward., and Pretty Little Liars. She doesn’t believe in hate-watching, and one of career highlights includes getting a personal email from Ryan Murphy after she likened him to Lord Voldemort during an interview.
Amber Garrett Amber Garrett, Editor aka: Ambular Location: Seattle, WA Bio: Amber attended Fairhaven College with a concentration in rhetoric, identity politics, and new media.  Though her original goal was to become a political campaign strategist or speechwriter, she eventually decided she would rather write about pop culture.  Despite the fact that she has no children, for four years she was a contributing writer (and, eventually managing editor) at MamaPop, a pop culture site geared toward parents.  Her hobbies include television (obviously), karaoke, being a pedantic a-hole, and obsessing over the Seattle Sounders.
Afiya Augustine Afiya Augustine, Associate Editor aka: Fifi Location: New York, NY Bio: With an enthusiasm for writing and an eye on pop culture, Afiya is an online editorialist who has been writing for young girls and women for years. Before becoming an associate editor for Wetpaint, Afiya wrote for numerous websites such as ProudGirls.com, GirlsLifeMag.com, XhibitP.com, and VibeVixen.com. She has contributed online content ranging from lifestyle, health, beauty and fashion to everything pop culture. Aside from editorial writing, Afiya’s other interests include reading, fiction writing, poetry, making jewelry (that she sells online) and watching her favorite shows and geeking out on Twitter!
Josephine-Cusumano Josephine Cusumano, Associate Editor aka: Jonotjoe Location: New York, NY Bio: Josephine was born and raised in New Jersey, where she studied English and Professional Writing at The College of New Jersey. She launched her career in print editorial at Niche Media LLC but fell in love with online media when she started at InStyle.com before joining the Wetpaint Entertainment team. She might be the only person who watches Hart of Dixie and considers Netflix binge-watching a sport. Her professional highlights include Eva Mendes complimenting her outfit and Solange Knowles tweeting at her — which gives her six-degrees of separation from Beyoncé, and by association, Jay Z.
Sam Leffler Samantha Leffler, Associate Editor aka: Sam Location: New York, NY Bio: Samantha Leffler works as an Associate Editor at Wetpaint Entertainment, and writes specifically for The Walking Dead and The Real Housewives of Atlanta, a truly winning combination. When she’s not writing about or watching television, Sam enjoys spending time with her friends and family, exploring New York City, and reading anything that can be found in an airport bookstore. Born and raised in New York City, Sam graduated from NYU in 2010 with a BFA in Television Writing.
Sarah Anne Lloyd Sarah Anne Lloyd, Associate Editor aka: SAL Location: Seattle, WA Bio: Sarah Lloyd is a part-time layabout and a full-time cat lady. When she’s not marathoning the best television shows the ’90s and early aughts had to offer, she’s obsessively playing Nintendo games, trying to take up knitting for the ten thousandth time, and getting wonky with local politics.
Rebecca Martin Rebecca Martin, Associate Editor aka: Becca Location: New York, NY Bio: After growing up in Baltimore (no, it wasn’t like The Wire, but yes that show is amazing), Rebecca headed to picturesque Connecticut to attend Wesleyan University, where she majored in Film Studies and took every class possible on TV.  After graduating she jumped aboard the Wetpaint ride and never looked back, because writing about TV all day is basically her dream. Her focus is scripted TV, especially cable and any and all things geek.
Carson Blackwelder Carson Blackwelder, Assistant Editor Location: New York, NY Bio: Carson Blackwelder is from Kannapolis, North Carolina, and went to college at the University of North Carolina (Go Heels!) where he studied journalism (specializing in reporting) and English literature. He spent three years at our college paper, The Daily Tar Heel, where he eventually served as arts editor my senior year. He’s obsessed with sweet tea, Cherry Lemon Sundrop, terrible horror movies, all things TV, and Connie Britton. He has played tennis since middle school and has recently reclaimed the lost art of reading for fun. If Netflixing (yes, he created that verb) were an Olympic event, he’d be the equivalent of Michael Phelps.
Dan Clarendon Dan Clarendon, Assistant Editor aka: Savvy D Location: New York, NY Bio: After growing up (to a near-stratospheric height) in Tampa, Dan Clarendon spent a year volunteering AmeriCorps-style in Chicago before attending Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. He graduated with a B.A. in TV Writing and moved to New York City the next day. He and his partner Alex live with their son/cat, Percy (aka Fluffmaster Flex). Likes include baked goods, NYC apartment lust, off-season travel deals, food porn, Christmases with his family (and his parents’ Ebenezer Scrooge cat), and Christmas in general. Dislikes include low ceiling fans, airplane seats, doorframes… and licorice.
Beth Kramer Elisabeth Kramer, Assistant Editor aka: Kramer Location: Seattle, WA Bio: Elisabeth Kramer has been with Wetpaint since May 2013 and every day she marvels at the fact she gets to watch Downton Abbey as part of her job. When she’s not jotting down the latest Dowager Countess quip, she’s writing up news relating to all things general entertainment. This means you want her on your team for any kind of trivia event featuring a pop culture category. Elisabeth has a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Oregon, but try and keep that quiet seeing as she lives far too close to the University of Washington.
Sam Lear Samantha Lear, Assistant Editor aka: Sam Location: New York, NY Bio: Growing up in the suburbs of Boston, Samantha cultivated a love for seafood, skiing, and Matt & Ben. She spent four years in the snowy tundra of Syracuse, where she picked up a degree in magazine journalism and learning to bleed orange. After graduating in 2010, Sam moved to NYC and got her start in print editorial at publications like Money and More Magazine, before discovering a love for online media. She’s a self-imposed insomniac thanks to an incessant need to read, watch and listen to everything and anything entertainment-related. In her free time, you can also find her trying out new restaurants, laying on the beach or marathoning old episodes of Parks and Recreation on Netflix.
Alissa Kombert Alissa Kombert, Photo Editor aka: AKR Location: New York, NY Bio: Alissa is a New York native who enjoys designing, crafting, running, and avoiding Bachelor spoilers.
Brittany-Tenenbaum Brittany Ilise Tenenbaum, Production Assistant aka: B Location: New York, NY Bio: Brittany is an Atlanta, GA native. She attended Indiana University with a Sport Communication/Broadcast major and a Telecommunications minor. She loves enjoying her time off with friends and family, going to movies and comedy shows, trying new recipes, and finding new places to brunch on weekends.

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