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One buy. Multiple channels. Cross-channel planning just got a lot easier.

With Wetpaint, extending your on-air spend online becomes a no-brainer.

Wetpaint delivers deep engagement in every digital environment and context: display, video, mobile, social, and search. In particular, Wetpaint has perfected the formula for tapping community on the planet’s biggest meeting place, with 40% of the site’s premium entertainment traffic coming daily from Facebook.

Overview of Advertising Opportunities

Rich media and IAB units:
Wetpaint works with you to get your brand noticed. We support all rich media types and push the envelope across our entertainment channels.

  • 300×250 video
  • 300×250 rectangle (expandable size: 600×250 left or 300×500 down/up)
  • Top and bottom 728×90 leaderboards (expandable size: 728×270 down)
  • 300×600 super skyscrapers
  • 980×40 superheader (expandable size: 980×200 down)
  • 202×90 small leaderboard
  • Video overlays
  • VAST-compliant video advertising
  • Full page interstitials

Additional banner ad specs

  • Max initial file size: 40k
  • Expandable file size: 80k—polite load
  • Total animation: 15 seconds
  • Other details: 1px border
  • Site-served Flash, Gif, or approved third-party tags accepted

Beyond IAB units, Wetpaint delivers creative sponsorship programs

  • Marquee ad experiences
  • Large format IAB units
  • Site skins and sponsorships
  • Videos and overlays
  • Music
  • Newsletters
  • Rich media
  • 100% SOV opportunities around fashion, beauty, video, music, and more

Custom sponsorships
We offer and execute integrated brand campaigns, including franchise editorial and original video positions, special packages, event sponsorships, custom programs, cutting-edge rich media capabilities, advanced audience segmentation and targeting, and unique social media programs. Create a passionate connection with women through Wetpaint Entertainment’s irresistible content, features, and red carpet-ready ad experiences:

  • Editorial features
  • Award show coverage
  • Brand integration
  • Mobile & SMS alerts
  • Sweepstakes and contests
  • Polls and trivia
  • Music
  • Social games
  • And more!

Facebook ad programs
Our reach extends to our 90% female Facebook audience of over two million fans across over 20 show-specific fan pages, making Wetpaint the perfect multi-platform publisher for launching an integrated and targeted media, content, and social media campaign around your brand. Wetpaint is perfecting the art and science of quality fan interactions and promotion on Facebook, maximizing value for our followers by presenting content and offers from brands they covet. Our Wetpaint Entertainment audience has frequent repeat visits and high interaction rates, and we deliver compelling content and messages that nurture brand awareness and consideration among our highly targeted and brand-receptive female audience.

Plan a social brand campaign to engage Wetpaint Entertainment’s Facebook audience. Options are limitless, but our programs include the following engagement tactics:

  • Deal share—Present a viral deal on our Facebook page(s) where we can set the number of registrations required to unlock a group discount.
  • Fan offer—Showcase an exclusive power coupon or redemption offer that converts visitors into fans of your brand.
  • Sweepstakes—Work with us to launch an app-based, Facebook-compliant promotion.
  • Video channels and premieres—Wetpaint can host your sponsored video channel or video premiere.
  • Photo/content showcase—Sponsored photo gallery or content (with link-outs).
  • First impression takeover —Make a splash with a custom landing page takeover brand showcase.
  • Sign up—Include a contact form, custom survey, invitation, or poll to capture fan information or feedback related to your brand or product/event.
  • Show and Sell—Include product sell-through information and links for featured products or experiences.
  • Partner/brand pages—Fully-customized brand showcase landing page promoting message/content resonating with Wetpaint’s audience and editorial focus.
  • Viral affiliation—Generate buzz/awareness and support for your brand, product, or event via sharing viral messages propagated through friend networks.

For Wetpaint Entertainment advertising sales including ad rates, packages, and general advertising-related information, please contact advertising@wetpaint.com.